Where Should You Go on a Friday Night in Kent?

Hey, everyone! Ever wonder what you should do on a Friday night in Kent, Ohio? Go ahead and follow the quiz to figure it out! All details to complete your date will be at the bottom!
Infographic of what to do on a Friday night in Kent, Ohio

Bowling: As I’ve posted about before, there are plenty of affordable, fun bowling alleys in the Kent area! There is Bill White’s Twin Star Lanes on Rt. 59, Kent Lanes on Water Street and the alley in Eastway for the students who live on campus!

Laziza: Laziza is a beautiful, classy Mediterranean restaurant that resides in Acorn Alley. When dining at Laziza, you could see such live entertainment live, authentic belly dancers!

Comedy Show: The Stone Tavern and Euro Gyro in Downtown Kent offer multiple comedy shows weekly. Most comedy shows are free. There is a great mix of upcoming comedians as well as seasoned professional in the art. It’s always a fun time!

Ice Skating: I’ve also posted before about the Ice Arena on campus, but that is still one of the funnest activities in Kent, especially when you can get your pals together!

157 Lounge: Want to dance the night away to the hottest songs and mixes? Grab your friends, dress up and head down to 157 Lounge.

Zephyr: I swear I live at Zephyr, not because of drinking, but because this is my friends and I’s spot. I head to the three-story bar and I feel like everyone there knows my name. If you and your friends are more laid back, this is the place for you. So sing along loudly to some Weezer and drink some PBRs.


9 thoughts on “Where Should You Go on a Friday Night in Kent?

  1. This is an awesome infographic, you should see if a Kent blog could use it like Mainstreet Kent. I love your blog because I am a Kent native and I would suggest the exact same places you are for dates! From a local to you, nice job! You paint Kent well throughout your blog and I hope Kent State students read it and use your great ideas!


  2. This infographic was really helpful and super creative! My boyfriend and I always struggle with where to go around here for fun, so I appreciate any and all suggestions! I had no idea that Euro Gyro and Stone Tavern had comedy shows, so that’s something I will have to look into. I have been to some of these places though, and I think they’re all really great places to go. There’s honestly not much to do around here, so I think you represent Kent well with this list. If anyone is ever looking for something to do around here, I will definitely have to tell them about this blog!


  3. Alex,
    I absolutely love your blog! I cannot tell you the number of times my boyfriend, with or without our friends, and I want to go out, but feel like there is nothing to do in Kent. This infographic provides a fun way to decide on the evening’s plans, which is quite the feat considering how frustrating making plans normally is. My boyfriend and I are so indecisive that having a key like this to move along the process and get us to our destination faster. Thank you for providing such an indecisive couple with an awesome tool!


  4. Alex,
    I love this info-graphic. It is really fun and gives some good suggestions. I followed the chart, and it told me to visit 157 Lounge. I think I might just do that. I enjoy your blog because it gives some really good insight on what there is to do around here. Alot of people get bored in Kent easily, so I think what you’re doing is great. Someone needs to keep this blog up when you graduate. It’s a valuable resource.


    • Thanks! I’ll hopefully be making some more stuff like this! I adore Kent and I want to be able to have something that is utilized by students and new residents so each could figure out that Kent is a really cool, exciting area.


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