Keeping Active During the Cold Kent, Ohio Winters

Hi, everyone! I am typing this while wearing sweatpants and snuggling under three blankets. We’ve had snow flurries all day and the current temperature is 39 degrees. Usually around this time of year in Kent, Ohio, us Kent State students experience a lack of motivation, the need to eat tons of warm food and we avoid the outdoors at all costs. During this stage, students also begin to think about getting their spring break bods in shape. Today’s post is going to highlight the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, the Kent State University Ice Arena, and all of the fun activities the two offer for individuals and friend groups. I’m also going to showcase my favorite place to stay active during the winter months, Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park.

Student Recreation and Wellness Center at Kent State University

Free for all students during fall and spring semesters (and summer if students are taking more than nine credit hours), the three story gym serves as any type of student athlete, health nut or person who is just bored and wants something fun and active to do. The wellness center is fully equipped with an indoor pool, multiple basketball courts, tennis and racquetball courts, an indoor rock wall,  a studio (for yoga, dancing, pilates and other exercise groupsNOTE: these are extra, but there are special free trial days), an indoor track and exercising equipment for all fitness needs such as weight lifting and running. When the weather gets cold, PARTA buses run by the wellness center and it is also easily accessible through campus. On the wellness center’s Facebook page, you can find out more events that the center puts on, like dive-in movies or Outlast the Outbreak, a spooky zombie themed adventure.

Kent State University Ice Arena

Another fun treat that the Kent State University Recreational Services Department offers is ice skating for students at the Ice Arena. The Ice Arena offers public skate as well as late night student skate sessions, broom ball and skating lessons. To accompany students for late night skate sessions, you must be 18-years-old with a valid I.D. General admission is $6 and $3 with a student I.D. and the cost of admission covers skate rentals. The Ice Arena’s website has a calendar for all skating sessions.

Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park

My favorite way to keep in shape is visiting Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland. As this is a hefty hike away from the Kent State University campus, you will need to drive or find a friend who has a car. Ray’s is a ginormous indoor bike park located in an old factory. As I am unsure of the exact measurements of the building, I can say that there are many rooms and trails devoted to all different skill levels. I usually attend Ray’s for Sunday BMX Night. If you do not have a mountain bike, you can rent one and a helmet when you arrive. If you are under 18-years-old, you will need a parent or guardian to sign your waiver. Rentals start at $14.99 for a bike. Every Wednesday and Saturday from 6-10 p.m. is College I.D. Night, which allows attendees a mountain bike, a helmet and pad rent rentals for just $20, with access to every room in the park. Below is a short video of me riding Ray’s. Although the time lapse is fast, I rode all through just one of many trails.


What are your favorite things to do to keep active during the winter months? Let me know in a comment! If you try any of these fun fitness activities, be sure to use #KentsDate on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


One thought on “Keeping Active During the Cold Kent, Ohio Winters

  1. I love spending my time at the Rec Center. The Rec Center and the Ice Arena are my favorite places to go when I have nothing to do. The Ice Arena is so much fun on Wednesdays for student skate. I did not know about this place called Ray’s, it sounds like so much fun.. I will definitely have to check it out!!


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