Top Five Reasons the Tourism Industry Attracts Adventurous College Students

This is a lot different for what I normally post, but I wanted to take some time with my readers this week about why it’s important to travel or at least adventure out locally, My blog post is going to use different demonstrations and case studies to show how you, the target audience of my blog, are influential to the tourism industry and how campaigns attracting young adults ages 18-25 are increasing in popularity.

Kents Date Friends on the Beach1. The General Populous Wants Us to Learn about the World

As mentioned in the mission statement for Under 30 Experiences, “We believe our generation needs to see the world in order to understand it.” Many colleges, including Kent State University, offer study abroad programs as well as other courses to experience the culture of somewhere other than the United States. As said by the late, great Dr. Seuss, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.”

2. We’re the Future of the Traveling Industry

As millennials, we’re becoming more in tune with the fact that: we are the future (cue Whitney Houston here). Currently we (at least at Kent State University) have Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. After graduation, we’re going to be looking at family travels, work travels and other travel plans. In Sept. 2010, Travel Weekly released an article about how 18-25-year-olds are the new target age of tourism and how to reach those demographics. The article is also a good read because it shows the influence social media has on young adult trends like traveling and how PR tourism companies should utilize it.

People rafting3. It’s Fun

Going somewhere new, trying something new, taking a day trip or taking a road trip. It’s all a blast! For some young adults, it may not be, but with a new adventure there is always a thrill aspect. Meet Adventurous Kate: Kate was 26 and working and a marketing job. She decided she wanted an adventure and more fun, so she quit her job and became a full-time travel blogger. Although Kate does not recommend everyone quitting his or her jobs to blog around the world too, she does recommend travel ideas for people who are alone (you can adapt these to groups too) and how to be inexpensive and safe. Throughout the four-year history of her blog, she’s traveled from Argentina to Vietnam and in-between the two.

4. It (Can) be Inexpensive

As Adventurous Kate and Miriam B. Weiner explain, traveling as young adults doesn’t have to be expensive. We have scholarships, student discounts, multiple ways to travel depending upon our party size and hostels (or other free amenities). Compared to traveling when we get older and have families, we can travel a lot now to see things on our own and try experiences that we probably won’t be interested in once we turn 40 (no offense to the 40+ crowd).

Sunset Camel ride in the desert 5. Why Not?!

I’ve supplied you all of these wonderful traveling options. There’s no reason you shouldn’t go somewhere. Whether it’s a new restaurant down the street or a new country you’ve never heard of, you should get out. Broadening your horizons can open so many opportunities for your personal and professional development.

This week, I encourage you to go somewhere new. Comment on or share this post with details of where you’ve went. I’d love to hear about it.


6 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons the Tourism Industry Attracts Adventurous College Students

    • That article was a great read! For the most part, my post went through overall tourism and moved away from Kent. I know a lot of students, though, are real appreciative of all the class and scholarship opportunities that Kent provides.


  1. This was an interesting post. I too believe that traveling is important. As technology and the internet make the world we live in smaller, I think it is important for us to see first hand how other people around the world live.


  2. Great post! I definitely agree that as a millennial myself we definitely have big ideas and want to travel to diverse exotic landscapes. Your post reminded me of Contiki, a travel company that specializes in vacations for 18-35 year olds. The company markets students by channeling a fun and youthful vibe and encourages students to live with “no regrets.” From a public relations standpoint, companies trying to target millennials should start on social media websites. Students focus so much today on “being seen” and documenting their every move, an excellent marketing tool for companies.

    One problem that these travel companies are going to have to work through is how to reach students who don’t have the financial access to study abroad trips. Almost all students today in colleges across America are children of the 2008 recession. As long ago as that may seem, it was only six years ago. Some students that I know at Kent State have families still recovering the financial crisis. Students who are in financial difficulty may focus more on trying to pay for next semester’s tuition and not focus on the possibility of an abroad trip. Another factor to consider is how much time would need to be dedicated to searching for scholarships that met the students need, but also if they fit the qualifications of the scholarship.

    One great opportunity that students can look into is a volunteer abroad organization that provides room and board to students in exchange for work on a project or service.


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