Kent State University’s student accessible museums

How better to explore Kent State University than by visiting the campus’s free museums? This post is going to highlight two key museums on campus: The Kent State University Museum and the May 4 Visitors Center.

Entangled: Fiber to Felt to Fashion promotional photo

Promotional photo for Entangled: Fiber to Felt to Fashion taken from the Kent State University Museum’s homepage.

The Kent State University Museum

Located in Rockwell Hall on front campus, across from Dunkin’ Donuts, (the home of the Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design and Merchandising) is where you can find the museum. The Kent State University Museum, as quoted from the museum’s about page, “provides students with first-hand experience with historic and contemporary fashions, as well as costumes representing many of the world’s cultures.” Inside, guests can explore exhibits about clothing and history with: Fashion Timeline, showcasing different styles from different eras; Entangled: Fiber to Felt to Fashion, enlightening guests to many felt inspired fashions from 15 United States and Canadian designers; and The Great War: Women and Fashion in a World at War, which demonstrates how styles changed when patriotic women went to work during World War I. The museum is also offer two exhibits about art and decorating with Glass: Selections from the Kent State University Museum Collection and American Tapestry Biennial 10. The Kent State University Museum is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10-4:45 p.m., Thursday from 10-8:45 p.m. and Sunday noon-4:45 p.m. General admission is $5, $4 for senior citizens, $3 for school students and children 7-18 years-old and free for anyone current Kent State University staff or students (with valid KSU flashcard), as well as all Sunday admission.

Taylor Hall, Home of May 4 Visitors CenterMay 4 Visitors Center

Created to raise awareness to the tragic events that happened on campus on May 4, 1970, the May 4 Visitors Center allows students and the public to walk through history and remember those who lost their lives that fateful day. Located in Taylor Hall, near the site of the shooting memorials, guests can take a tour as well as look at historical archives that surround the Kent State shooting and the events that led up and followed the infamous day. Although this is not the best date idea, I know I’ve wanted to learn more about the events that look place, as well as numerous family members of mine. I highly recommend doing this with your family or with your friends to help receive more insight about your alma mater. The May 4 Visitors Center is open Monday-Thursday 10-5 p.m. and Saturday noon-5 p.m. The center is free to the public and you can schedule a group tour at or by calling 330.672.4660.

It’s definitely fun to become involved with your university and its history. Whether it’s with friends, family or even by yourself, be sure to check these out before you graduate. Let me know what you think of your experience by leaving a comment below!


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