Corn Maze Adventure near Kent State

Happy fall, ya’ll! 

I absolutely love fall. There are so many fun activities to do before you hibernate during winter break. My favorite part of the season is when it gets cold and gloomy and the leaves in the air smell like a mixture of fire and cinnamon (plus, that means Annie and I will more than likely snuggle on the couch all day and watch movies). Since fall is surrounded with images of pumpkins, gourds, stalks of corn and spooky monsters, I figured Zach and I would take a trip out to Szalay’s Sweet Corn Farm and Market and Corn Maze in the beautiful village of Peninsula, OH (tucked away in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is an absolutely gorgeous drive this time of year).

Szalay's Corn Farm and Market

The Corn Maze

Alex and Zach at Szalay's Corn MazeThe opening to the corn maze is adorable with its fake cemetery set up (in the cemetery you can even see The Grateful Dead play! Lolz!). I personally love this corn maze because compared to other ones that I’ve been to, this one is the most Halloween decorated, making me feel like I am doing a true autumn activity. Not the hardest corn maze to navigate, but definitely prepare to get lost! The corn maze, as stated on Szalay’s website, takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour, which I will say is about right. I also recommend wearing boots that will protect your feet! It pathway was very muddy when Zach and I went (I came prepared, but he destroyed his Nikes). Every year, Szalay’s decides to change up the corn maze’s theme; This year’s theme is Vampire Bats, which will remain open daily until Oct. 31, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Admission is $5, but free for children three-years and under (so this doesn’t crush the pockets of college students). Be sure to have cash already handy!

The Farm and Market

Szalay’s farm is mainly spread out throughout the area and according to its website and my personal experience, it looks like it’s not open for the public wandering. However, the market is free game! I definitely recommend visiting the corn maze first, then taking a trip back across the street to the market. At the market, you can sit in one an umbrella glider and sip on some fresh apple cider or eat an ear of delicious roasted corn. Szalay’s market sells enormous pumpkins at prices, which I estimated to be, less than a dollar a pound. Visitors can also find an array of gourds, butters and jams, breads, noodles, produce, baked goods and decorations created by local artists.

Although Szalay’s Sweet Corn Farm and Market is a little bit away from campus with no PARTA access, I recommend convincing a friend or some family members to drive out there one weekend. It’s definitely a fun and cost efficient way to spend a weekend day. The farm and market are located at 4563 Riverview Road Peninsula, OH 44264 (and the corn maze is directly across the street), approximately 30 minutes away from Kent State University’s campus.

If you happen to go and try the corn maze, let me know what you think of it in a comment! I’d also love to hear your favorite fall activity! Be sure to view the slideshow below documenting my and Zach’s “corny” adventure!

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