Thursday night date idea

As college students, we know how rough some weeks can get. There are deadlines, projects, papers, exams. It’s rough. There’s nothing to better tackle frantic weeks than with a quick night out. Grab your friends and get going!

Bill White's Twin Star Lanes

Bill White’s Twin Star Lanes in Kent, OH. on Rt. 59

Just east of campus, towards Ravenna, is Bill White’s Twin Star Lanes. You’re probably asking, “Why this bowling alley?” Good question. Your answer is: $.99 bowling. That’s right! Every Monday through Thursday after 9 p.m. Twin Star Lanes has $.99 bowling per person per game! Not a bad deal. Also, shoe rentals are $1.99. That way, you can take your frustrations out on some pins and not some pens (Bad joke, I know, but I’ve broken many ink pens during midterms).

Kent's Date's Alex bowling at Twin Star Lanes

Me (right) and Zach (left) bowling. (I won!!!)

Be sure to constantly check out the Twin Star Lanes website, because sometimes they do sweet promotions, like free bowling, up to four games! The next time free bowling is set for is Sept. 28, 8 p.m. – midnight. You can find Bill White’s Twin Star Lanes at 2245 St. Rt. 59, Kent, OH (Although Google Maps says it’s permanently closed, it is not. I suggested an edit to fix that for you all).

Looking for a place to eat? Hit up Twisted Meltz in Acorn Alley! You can do this before or after bowling. The highlight of the menu for Twisted Meltz is that it features grilled cheese inspired by past Kent State alumni. The sandwiches aren’t as monstrous as Melt Bar and Grilled, but they’re still plenty hefty.

Grilled Cheese from Twisted Meltz

Dinner from Twisted Meltz

My personal recommendation is the Dolph Ziggler. Named after the current Intercontinental Champion of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) franchise (and once a record setting Kent State wrestler), the Dolph Ziggler is pierogies, bacon, cheese, caramelized onions and sour cream. Twisted Meltz’s menu has more than gourmet grilled cheese, featuring such items like: soups, salads, appetizers and kid’s meals. Twisted Meltz also has vegetarian menu options.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can always visit the adjoining Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream. At Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream, customers can get the same fancy ice cream cones that existed at The Arctic Squirrel (R.I.P.) with delicious flavors! Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream also offers milkshakes, smoothies and some non-frozen desserts. You can find Twisted Meltz and Ashby’s at 164 E. Main Street, Kent, OH. If bowling rolls a little over (Oh, I’m so clever) and you’re hungry afterward, call ahead for pickup at 330.968.4104.

I picked Thursday night for this post because many students’ weekends start this day (at least they’re finished with class). This way, once classes are done for the week, students can get the time to unwind. However, this date night can be done any time during the week (except bowling prices will rise on weekends, and be more expensive Mon.-Thurs. before 9 p.m.). Twizted Meltz  and Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream is open Sun.-Wed. 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Thurs.-Sat. 11 a.m. -10 p.m.


4 thoughts on “Thursday night date idea

  1. I love your ideas you used for your Thursday date night ideas in Kent. My boyfriend and I started going bowling all the time when we first started dating because of the inexpensive prices. After going bowling so much I actually got a job bartending at Kent Lanes which led my boyfriend and I to join the Kent Lane sand volleyball league. We ended up winning our league which was awesome. A fun date idea I do with my boyfriend is we pick a number anywhere from 10-100 and and at every stoplight/stop sign we flip a coin heads is left tails is right, and we do that until until we reach the number of flips we set out to have. Once we are done with the flips we look for somewhere in the area to go on a date. The dates are always unique and fun because sometimes were by open fields and we pull a ball out of the trunk, and throw it around, and then go on a walk.


  2. I love bowling! I cannot believe it’s so inexpensive to bowl in Kent and I had no idea this entire time I have attended college!

    As for the restaurant idea, Twisted Meltz is definitely a delicious choice! I was only there once but I got a buffalo chicken sandwich. It was huge, I couldn’t even finish it all. Another great local place in Kent is Fresco! It’s mexican but so delicious and has a twist to it. There is also a huge salsa bar that all the customers have access to. My favorite salsa there is the suave salsa, if you ever stop in, you must at least try that one!


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